Discussion, review, and possible next steps for the recommendations previously presented by the City Council Equality Indicator Working Groups. (Note: The working groups presented recommendations at the following meetings: Fines and Fees (May 11, 2022, Public Works Committee meeting), Trust and Accountability (May 25, 2022, Public Works Committee meeting), and Data (August 3, 2022, Budget and Special Projects Committee meeting). Other than discussion, no action will be taken. [BUD/SP 9/14/22]

Supporting Documentation
22-861-1_22-861 UPDATED 2022-05-11- Fines-and-Fees-Presentation FINAL.pdf
22-861-1_22-861 EI Trust and Accountability Report 05-25-22.pdf
22-861-1_22-861 Data Collection Working Group Presentation.pdf
22-861-1_22-861 2022-05-11 - Presentation FINAL - Fines and Fees Phase 1 Action Plan.pdf