Resolution calling for, and requesting the Tulsa County Election Board to conduct, non-partisan general elections on August 27, 2024, for the purpose of submitting to the qualified voters of the City of Tulsa a proposed amendment to the City Charter, pursuant to Article XVIII, Section 3(a) of the Oklahoma Constitution and Title 11 Oklahoma Statutes Sections 13-106, 13-107 and 13-111; putting to a vote of the people the question of whether the Charter of the City of Tulsa should be amended to rescind the City Councilors’ current salary of twenty-four thousand dollars and no cents ($24,000.00) per year, and to establish a new salary, with certain conditions; attaching a copy of said proposed Charter Amendment to this Resolution as an Exhibit; allowing for absentee balloting as required by law; providing that the election(s) be conducted according to State Law; requesting the Tulsa County Election Board to coordinate with the Election Boards of other counties in which the City of Tulsa is located; requesting that those voting precincts partially inside and partially outside the city limits of the City of Tulsa remain open for all elections; requesting the Mayor to issue a proclamation calling the said election as required by law; providing for the proper publication of this Resolution; and setting an effective date of May 22, 2024. [PW 3/27/24; CC 3/27/24]

Supporting Documentation
24-300-2_24-300 2024 PROPOSED CHARTER AMENDMENT NO1.pdf