Building Resources in Developing and Growing Enterprises


It is the policy of the City of Tulsa to utilize developing businesses whenever practicable, and to encourage the utilization of developing businesses by those who do business with the City.

Benefits of Certifying

Certified businesses enjoy benefits that help them build business capacity, navigate the world of business, and network with other businesses.

  • Educational Opportunities: Many organizations put on educational programs, training seminars, and business development conferences designed to teach small businesses how to negotiate the business world and become successful. BRIDGE provides a one-stop information center through the Human Rights Department so that certified businesses can stay informed about educational programs around the City.

  • Peer Partnering: Developing businesses confront a variety of challenges. Finding resources that are most relevant to them and knowing how to access them can be a daunting task. Business owners can also benefit by sharing information about their challenges and solutions with one another.

  • Networking: Business people often feel more comfortable doing business with individuals they already know. Establishing and nurturing personal relationships is thus a critical part of developing a successful business. BRIDGE offers opportunities for certified business owners to meet other business people with whom they might partner on future projects.

Certified Business Directory

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BRIDGE Certification Application and Procedures

(Download the Certification Procedures and Application to apply for certification into the City of Tulsa BRIDGE program.)

BRIDGE Certification Procedures and Application BRIDGE Certification Application Assistance (if needed)

Business Certification Renewal

Annual Renewal Form

Business Certification Reciprocity First-Year Renewal

This document is for those certified via reciprocity from another agency. Please complete the reciprocity renewal and submit the supporting document for your first annual renewal. Afterwards, you can use the annual renewal form.

Renewal Form-Reciprocity


Businesses can also become certified through reciprocity if they are already certified with certain agencies.

Currently approved reciprocity agencies are indicated below:

  • Department of Transportation (DOT)
  • Small Business Administration 8(a)
  • North Central Texas Regional Certification Agency (NCTCA)
  • South Central Texas Regional Certification Agency (SCTCA)
  • Oklahoma Minority Supplier Development Council (OMSDC)
  • Women's Business Council Southwest (WBCSW)
  • Oklahoma Tribal Employment Rights Office (TERO)
  • City of Kansas City, MO Minority/Women/Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (MWDBE)

All businesses desiring to reciprocate into the City of Tulsa BRIDGE program should:

1. Complete Section A of the BRIDGE Certification Application and only submit the supporting documents in sections 2-6, as outlined below.

2. (Note: System for Award Management (SAM) reference will not be accepted for section A of the application). Fill in all blank areas on the application and refer to SAM in Section B & C in spaces where SAM data is applicable. Refer to SAM only if you have included the following in your SBA profile: business capabilities narrative, keywords, and performance history. Include a print out of your SBA profile with the submitted application.

3. *Personal Financial Statement (PFS): if the agency that your firm is certified with requested that you complete a PFS to certify with their agency, submit a copy of the PFS from the agency in which you have received a reciprocating certification. If the agency that your firm received a reciprocating certification from did not request a completed PFS, you must submit a completed PFS with your BRIDGE certification application using the designated City of Tulsa PFS form  Personal Financial Statement (PFS)

4. Submit a current copy of the Letter/Certificate from the agency which your firm has received a reciprocating certification. This document must have an expiration date.

5. Submit an economic-disadvantaged narrative requested in section C9 of the BRIDGE certification application. See page three of Application Instructions (online) for assistance with narrative.

6. Mail or deliver your application and its supporting documents to HRD.

* Data provided in PFS must be less than 12 months old.

NOTE: Councils MUST SUBMIT A PFS for certification with the City of Tulsa. Out-of-state businesses can only reciprocate if certified with an approved agency in their home state.

Certification Review Committee

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Preventing Illegal Discrimination

It is the policy of the City of Tulsa to prevent illegal discrimination and to ensure that persons who contract with the City do not practice illegal discrimination.

To assist the City with implementing this policy, contractors and subcontractors will be required to provide demographic information on their workforce, information on their past use of subcontractors, and information about discrimination complaints and judgments that resulted in a negative finding or ruling. The Human Rights Department will be responsible for monitoring patterns of illegal discrimination.

Information for Prime Contractors

Pilot Incentive Program
The City of Tulsa's Engineering Department will select City-funded construction projects to bid under a new pilot program. The new program will break down contracts $250,000 and under, eliminating pre-qualification and increasing contracting opportunities. The program is also designed to increase opportunities by bidding directly to the City of Tulsa. To learn more about the Pilot Incentive Program, please contact the Public Works Department at (918) 596-9249.

How General Contractors Can Participate
We invite contractors to participate in all aspects of the program. Contractors and contractor associations that offer educational and training opportunities may advertise their events through the program. Contractors are also encouraged to serve as peer partners. We are also always grateful to contractors who are able to help sponsor networking events.

To participate in any of these programs, please contact the Business Development Coordinator at (918) 596-7818. We are located at City Hall, 175 East 2nd Street, 6th Floor, Tulsa, OK, 74103.