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Noteworthy in Development Services

Mayor’s Initiative for Development Services

Mayor G.T. Bynum announced major changes to improve the process of obtaining building permits with the City of Tulsa.

Self-Certification Program

Licensed design professionals (architect, landscape architect or engineer) may self-certify building plans to be building code compliant. Program information including a manual and the required forms is available.

Revised Infrastructure Development Manual Online

The latest draft of the 2019 revised IDP Manual and the updated IDP Process Summary are available.

Self-Service Portal for Permitting

The Self-Service Portal makes it possible to process a permit from start to finish without ever stepping foot in the Permit Center.

Queuing System for Permit Center Service

The Permit Center uses a queuing system to serve walk-in customers who sign in at the kiosk in the Permit Center lobby. A time-saving system feature allows you to place yourself in queue remotely online or by sending a text.

Customer Assistance is Available

Development Services offers a variety of programs and tools to assist applicants with permitting. Additionally, our Development Services Liaison, Keri Fothergill,, is ready to help you navigate the development permit process and assist you in troubleshooting a project.