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Self-Certification Program

On December 19, 2018, the Tulsa City Council passed an Ordinance initiated by Mayor Bynum to provide for submittal of building permit applications that have been certified by a licensed design professional (architect, landscape architect or engineer) to be building code compliant.

The self-certification program is intended to help developers utilize their resources efficiently by letting them manage their development project through the pre-requisite approval steps. Once the required steps are completed, the building permit application is submitted to the City. The self-certification statement of code-compliance allows City staff to issue the building permit within the same day, given a reasonable time to process the application and payment of required fees.

 A manual to guide the applicant through the self-certification process is provided. Applicants are advised that all the forms must be properly completed, and the information requested must be provided. The manual will be updated as needed. Current copies of the Ordinance, Manual and Application Packet are available.