Stormwater Drainage Advisory Board

The purpose of the Stormwater Drainage and Hazard Mitigation Advisory Board (SDHMAB) is to provide policy guidance to the Streets and Stormwater Department in the area of stormwater management and hazard mitigation and to the Tulsa City Council.

Meetings: Third Tuesday of the month, at 1 p.m.
Location: 2317 S. Jackson, South Building, Room 213
Terms: 5 years, staggered
Extra Information: Board elects own Chair
Members: Five Mayoral appointees with Council approval

Board Members:

Judith Finn, Chair | Term expires: 2/28/2018
Kyle Brierly | Term expires: 2/28/2021
Lynn Scofield | Term expires: 2/28/2019
David Williams | Term expires: 2/28/2022
Steve Walman | Term expires: 2/28/2020
Legal Counsel: Mark Swiney