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Performance Strategy and Innovation

Mission: The Office of Performance Strategy and Innovation empowers the organization to use data to align citywide strategies toward priority goals set by the Mayor and City Council while lowering barriers to adopting innovative practices.

Vision: Our vision is to be a city that regularly evaluates performance, tracks progress toward outcomes and embraces innovative approaches to solve big community-wide problems.

What We Do


Urban Data Pioneers
Urban Data Pioneers (UDP) enables city employees and community members to take a deep dive into questions that can be better understood through data analysis. UDP teams meet to identify a problem, ask questions, analyze data and produce a visual analytic report. Innovation Champions can take UDP projects to the next phase by determining solutions and testing innovative approaches to solving problems identified in the analysis. If you are a community member, and want to join the UDP teams please complete this form

Data Governance
Data Governance establishes a framework for proper data quality, data integrity, and usage standards for City of Tulsa data. By defining data governance roles and responsibilities of specific city employees and citizens, the data governance policy and committee improves data access, organization, usage accuracy, efficiency, security, and provenance.

Strategy and Innovation

Key Work Process Performance
OPSI works with department leaders to identify the key work processes that are essential for success. Department leaders establish measures and performance targets for each process. The focus on performance metrics serves as a forum for new ideas about efficiency and innovation. Employees at all levels of the organization should be able to connect their daily work with the strategic plan and key work processes to make Tulsa a globally competitive, world-class city.

Innovation Champions & Human Centered Design
OPSI equips city employees throughout the organization in process improvement and service design to ensure the City operates as effectively as possible while meeting customer needs. Employees who successfully complete the Innovation Champions program are trained in Continuous Improvement and receive a Green Belt certificate in LEAN/Six Sigma. Human-Centered Design (HCD) trainings provide an approach to problem-solving that starts with people and ends with innovative solutions to meet their needs. The principles of HCD can be applied to tangible goods, like playgrounds or streets, as well as services, like permits and safety programs.