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Fee Schedule

Except as otherwise provided by law, the following schedule of charges shall apply to records requests pursuant to the open records policy of the City of Tulsa and in compliance with Oklahoma's Open Records Act, Title 51 Oklahoma Statutes, Sections 24A.1 and following. This schedule of charges is posted in the public access area of the City Clerk's office, 2nd Floor of City Hall, and in the County Clerk's office. The type of record provided is at City's discretion. Payment of fees in advance of production may be required.

Type of Record Provided


Paper Reproduction

a. Legal sized or smaller (8½ x 14 or smaller)

$0.25 per page

b. Ledger sized (11 x 17)

$0.50 per page

c. Certified Copy

$1.00 per page


d. Paper larger than 11 x 17, microfilm, photographic paper or other specialty papers

Direct cost of reproduction


Audio Cassette






Any Other Media (flash or thumb drive, external hard drive, memory card, or other specialty media)

Direct cost of media


Production Fees


Direct Cost of Record Search and Copying (only as approved by Records Manager).

Assessed for commercial requests or requests that result in excessive disruption of the essential functions of the public body.

$30 per hour / $7.50 per ¼ hour


Delivery (Mail, Email, FTP, etc.)

Direct cost