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Purchasing Bid Opportunities & Results

Below are the Current Bid Opportunities and Bid Results for the City of Tulsa.

Bid to Be Opened

Click on the Bid Number to download the Bid Specifications. Any supplemental information for the Bid will appear as links in the Attachments field. 

Bids are opened on Thursdays; all bids are due no later than 5 p.m. the day before the opening date.

Bid Results

Click on the Bid Number to access the Bid Specifications and Bid Results.  

Contact the Purchasing Department for Bid Results prior to 2017.

For assistance with Current Bid Opportunities or Bid Results, contact Julie Miller at  (918) 596-7564. 

Bid Results:

Bid # (Addendum) Awarded Bidder(s) Description
IFB 21-901 (0) Utility Supply Company ARI Combination Air Relief Valves
TAC 220E (1) Froman Propane Company Propane
IFB 20-829A (0) Load Break Switches & Installation
IFB 20-818A (1) Mass Spectrometers
TAC 136F (0) Core & Main LP Fire Hydrant Parts
TAC 1209 (1) Harmon Security Group LLC Mental Health Transport Services
TAC 1169A (2) Hodges Farms & Dredging LLC Southside Liquid Biosolids Disposal by Land Application
TAC 838D (1) Hodges Farms & Dredging LLC Liquid Biosolids Disposal by Land Application
TAC 111H (1) Primary: Millennial Asphalt and Dunham's Asphalt Services Secondary: Tulsa Asphalt LLC and Apac-Central Inc Hot Lay Asphaltic Concrete
IFB 20-822A (0) Rush Truck Center, Tulsa Grapple Bulky Waste Truck
IFB 20-835 (3) Backwash Pump & Motor
IFB 20-831 (2) Forest Shoemaker Air Conditioning Inc Air Handler
TAC 145E (1) Anchor Stone Company and Mohawk Materials Co Inc Sand
TAC 818D (2) Tonto Environmental LLC Biosolids Hauling
IFB 20-827 (2) Rejection of Bids Piezometer Replacement
IFB 20-834 (0) Orange Power Group dba Ditch Witch of Tulsa Horizontal Boring Machine
TAC 660J (0) Tulsa Asphalt LLC and T & C Asphalt Materials LLC Cold Lay Asphalt
IFB 20-833 (0) Submersible Pump
IFB 20-829 (1) Rejection of Bids Load Break Switches & Installation
TAC 472D (0) Ark Wrecking Co of Oklahoma, D-T Specialized Services and Demolition Wrecking Company Demolition and Clearance