Purchasing Bid Opportunities & Results

Below are the Current Bid Opportunities and Bid Results for the City of Tulsa.

Bid to Be Opened

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Bids are opened on Thursdays; all bids are due no later than 5 p.m. the day before the opening date.

Bid Results

Click on the Bid Number to access the Bid Specifications and Bid Results.  

Contact the Purchasing Department for Bid Results prior to 2017.

For assistance with Current Bid Opportunities or Bid Results, contact Julie Miller at  (918) 596-7564. 

Bid Results:

Bid # (Addendum) Awarded Bidder(s) Description
IFB 18-929 (1) Rexel LED Lighting
CSP TAC 1135 (1) BankFunding LLC Municipal Lease for Parking Meters
IFB 18-622 (0) Visual Force Police Prisoner Transport Cages
TAC 233H (0) Rejection of Bids Uniform Rental Program
TAC 1142 (1) Water Repair Pipes & Fittings
TAC 1143 (0) Visual Force Unmarked Police Patrol Vehicle Lights
TAC 585E (1) Alere Toxicology Services Inc Drug Testing Laboratory Services
IFB 18-926 (0) Integrated Lighting Systems, Inc Theatrical Architecture Lighting Control System
IFB 18-927 (0) Altec Industries Inc Bucket Trucks
TAC 550i (0) Brenntag Southwest Inc. Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda)
TAC 880E (0) Core & Main LP Line Items 1-169 & 180-215 Water and Sewer Line Fittings
IFB 18-621 (0) No Bid Responses Covered Parking for Police Canines
TAC 1055B (0) Rejection of Bids Mid-Size Pickups
TAC 1136 (3) EMG One, LLC Route 66 Historical Markers ( Information Road Signs)
TAC 1138 (0) Visual Force Marked Patrol Car Light Bars/Siren Various
IFB 18-802 (0) Altec Inc Repair Bucket Truck Lift
TAC 1015A (0) Allwine Roofing & Construction Inc Roofing Installation, Maintenance & Repair
IFB 18-800 (0) Graphic Horizons Inc Large Format Inkjet Printer/Cutter
TAC 926B (1) James Ginn dba Tulsa Ground Keepers Ground Maintenance for City Cemeteries
TAC 1129A (0) No Bid Responses Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring Plants