Purchasing Bid Opportunities & Results

Below are the Current Bid Opportunities and Bid Results for the City of Tulsa.

Bid to Be Opened

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Bids are opened on Thursdays; all bids are due no later than 5 p.m. the day before the opening date.

Bid Results

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Contact the Purchasing Department for Bid Results prior to 2017.

For assistance with Current Bid Opportunities or Bid Results, contact Julie Miller at  (918) 596-7564. 

Bid Results:

Bid # (Addendum) Awarded Bidder(s) Description
CSP TAC985A (0) Manpower/Tulsa's Green Country Temporary Personnel Office - Administrative
TAC1098A (0) All Bids Rejected Animal Medical & Surgical Supplies
TAC278E (0) Fisher Scientific Company LLC Lab Supplies
TAC 074D (0) Roberts Truck Center of Ok dba Summit Truck Truck Repair ServIces; IHC
TAC191F (0) National Catering Service of Tulsa, Inc. Portable Toilet Rental
IFB 17-625 (0) Myers-Duren Harley Davidson Harley Davidson Police Motorcycles
IFB 17-948 (0) Accurate Environmental/Eurofins Eaton Analytical Unregulated Contaminant Analysis (UCMR4)
TAC 745D (4) Baysinger Police Equipment & Various Uniform Items
IFB 17-611 (1) Stronghand, LLC NSWWTP Grating Support Repair
IFB 17-936 (0) Ritz Safety Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus
TAC087C (0) Crow Burlingame & Roberts Trucking Summit Brake & Clutch Repair Parts Sec-1
TAC1103 (0) Bauman Instrument Corporation Repair & Calibration Of Telemetry Equipment
TAC789D (0) Lot Maintenance Utility Right-of-Way Clearing/Mowing Services
IFB 17-947 (0) C-4 Incorporated BAND SAW
IFB 17-528 (1) OnX USA LLC McAfee Enterprise Protection
TAC408H (0) APAX Glass Glass Replacement & Repair
TAC 1091A (0) Precision Delta Corporation Practice Ammunition
17-944 (0) Summit Truck Group 33,000 GVW Truck w/Hot Box
17-945 (0) Warren Power and Machinery RUBBER TIRED LOADER