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Historic Milestones

1900  The Tulsa Fire Department was organized as a volunteer department.
1905     R.C. Alder becomes the first Tulsa Fire Chief. The Fire Department was a 4 man paid department. Firefighters earned $45 per month.
1908 The Firefighters Pension Bill was signed, and in 1929 the first Pension was paid.
1913 All horse drawn equipment was eliminated. TFD was the first fully motorized fire department west of the Mississippi.
1919 The Fire Department went to two shifts.
1928 TFD obtained the first water carrying fire truck.
1940 The City is split into two response districts.
1950  A third shift is added. The current 72 hour work week was reduced to 56 hours.
1955 The Fire Department went to 24-hours on duty, 48-hours off duty.
District 3 and 4 were created.
1956 The first black firefighters were hired.
1958 All four man companies were provided with two SCBA's.
1960     The Deputy Fire Chief position was created.
1968 District 5 was created.
1977 A SCBA was made available to every member.
1985 The Hazardous Material response team went into service as "Rescue One."
1989 Riding on tailboards was discontinued.
1991 The first female firefighters were hired.
1995 Official implementation of the Technical Rescue Team.
2007 The Centennial Sculpture "Courage and Compasion" is placed at 111 W. 2nd.
2015 The new Tulsa Fire Safety Training Center was opened at 2819 N. New Haven.