Milestone Anniversaries

Congratulations to these employees who have reached a milestone anniversary with the City of Tulsa! The employees listed below with 20 plus years of service will receive a Milestone Proclamation from the City Council and Years of Service Pins will be presented by individual department heads.

December Anniversaries

35 Years of Service
Martin Bennett – Fire
George Harris – Fire
Jim Sohl – Fire

30 Years of Service
Soto, Rodrigo – Streets and Stormwater

25 Years of Service
Flaherty, Shawn K – Information Technology

20 Years of Service
Brooks, Sonia M – Working in Neighborhoods

15 Years of Service
Brannin, Lisa C – Human Resources
Dickerson, Michael S – Mayors Office Economic Dev
Herrera, Mario – Streets and Stormwater
Hill, Stephanie A – Customer Care
Lowe, Jimmie W – Parks & Recreation
Rasmussen, Georgene K – Water and Sewer

10 Years of Service
Ash, Jeffrey S – Water and Sewer
Cox, Michael D – Finance
Disney, Teresia M – Legal
Haley, Breanna L – Police
Maness, Michael E – Information Technology
McDonald, Matthew C – Streets and Stormwater
Snyder, Michael W – Water and Sewer

5 Years of Service
Ball, Linda K – Finance
Becht, Chad D – Water and Sewer
Criswell, Cathy A – City Auditor
Meadows, David K – Water and Sewer
Stevens, Joy L – Police
Sumner, Phillip P – Streets and Stormwater