Milestone Anniversaries

Congratulations to these employees who have reached a milestone anniversary with the City of Tulsa! The employees listed below with 20 plus years of service will receive a Milestone Proclamation from the City Council and Years of Service Pins will be presented by individual department heads.

December Anniversaries

5 Years of Service:
Dozier, Eligiah T | Information Technology
Harman II, Don W | Asset Management
Maggard, Steven A | Finance
Maxey, Jeffrey A | Police
Mohler, Chase D | Working In Neighborhoods
Moore, Erica C | Auditor
Oakley, Ruby A | Streets & Stormwater
Oliver, Kenneth S | Streets & Stormwater
Watts, Devon P | Engineering Services
Wickersham, Jordan W | Water & Sewer
Zeigler, Lee A | Park and Recreation

10 Years of Service
Bergmann III, Martin H | Finance
Darnell, Patricia A | Municipal Court
Garde, Kara L | Water & Sewer
Gunion, Darla Colleen | Water & Sewer
Jones, Kiemonn L | Municipal Court
Lee, Tammi D | Working In Neighborhoods
Mccune, Mitchell M | Municipal Court
Myers, Jacob W | Water & Sewer
Schwebke, Mark W | Municipal Court
Van Tuyl, Georgenia A | Municipal Court
Webb, James L | Water & Sewer
Williams, Jamesha R | Human Resources

15 Years of Service
Blades, Yolanda | Information Technology
Sharp Jr, Edward L | Streets & Stormwater
Tait, Valinda | Finance

20 Years of Service:
Cooper, Matthew J | Finance
Lollis, Karen L | Water & Sewer
Loney, Betty S | Fire
Marrs Jr, Robert G | Water & Sewer
Maurer, Alicia M | Police
Parker, Lyndell | Water & Sewer
Shearer, Kenneth E | Asset Management

25 Years Service:
Holmes, Michael E | Asset Management
Knight, Thomas H | Water & Sewer
Stephens, Phillip Scott | Streets & Stormwater

30 Years of Service: 
Wasson, David K | Streets & Stormwater