Milestone Anniversaries

Congratulations to these employees who have reached a milestone anniversary with the City of Tulsa! The employees listed below with 20 plus years of service will receive a Milestone Proclamation from the City Council and Years of Service Pins will be presented by individual department heads.

June Anniversaries

5 Years of Service
Aziere, Patrick L – Streets and Stormwater
Cornelius, Courtney D – Police   
Meier, Steven K – Water and Sewer
Neuman, Julia M – Police
Norman, Jeremy D – Streets and Stormwater
Payne, Julie F      5 – Finance

10 Years of Service
Anderson, Joshua L – Streets And Stormwater
Brians, Tara J – Police            
Kilambi, Anand R – Engineering Services
Nyholm, Tracy R – Streets and Stormwater
Ohnesorge, Mark E – Police    

15 Years of Service
Pettigrew, Anthony – Water and Sewer              

20 Years of Service
Alberty, Gary D – Information Technology
Frank, Jimmy D – Streets and Stormwater
Griffin, Michael P – Police

25 Years of Service
Moore, Mark A – Police