Milestone Anniversaries

Congratulations to these employees who have reached a milestone anniversary with the City of Tulsa! The employees listed below with 20 plus years of service will receive a Milestone Proclamation from the City Council and Years of Service Pins will be presented by individual department heads.

This group of employees represents 365 Years, or 133,091 Days of service.

February Anniversaries

5 Years of Service:
Dunn-Hessman, Kelley A | Park And Recreation
McCann, Jonathan | Police
Mercado, Masako | Fire
Patrick, Diane M | Fire
Shipley, Kody S | Streets & Stormwater

10 Years of Service
Buff, Lorraine N | Police
Lewis, Charles E | Water & Sewer
Thoroughman, Kevin M | Water & Sewer

15 Years of Service
Baca, Sandra R | Finance
David, Darrell R | Information Technology
Doyle, Michael A | Working In Neighborhoods
Harvell, Cheri L | Police
Magers, Robert D | Water & Sewer
Talton, Stephanie L | Finance

20 Years of Service:
Debose, David W | Water & Sewer
Hughes, Andre T | Asset Management
Martin, Christopher N | Asset Management
Young, Curtis F | Engineering Services

25 Years Service:
Burk, E A | Streets & Stormwater
Field Jr, George H | Park And Recreation
Orrick, Billy M | Water & Sewer

30 Years Service: 
Berg, Chris D | Information Technology

35 Years Service: 
Tallman, Timothy J | Water & Sewer