Milestone Anniversaries

Congratulations to these employees who have reached a milestone anniversary with the City of Tulsa! The employees listed below with 20 plus years of service will receive a Milestone Proclamation from the City Council and Years of Service Pins will be presented by individual department heads.

September Anniversaries

35 Years of Service
Parker, Eric – Water and Sewer
Rowland, Alan – Finance

30 Years of Service
Bailey, William B – Police
Dealba, Eric G – Water and Sewer
Johnson, David M – Parks & Recreation
Lewis, Tracie L – Police
Neal, Ronald J – Police
Taylor, Daniel M – Asset Management
Thompson, Gregory L – Police
Uhren, Glenn J – Police
Wamsley, David – Police

25 Years of Service
Gemmill, Donna D – Finance
Soules, Rhonda S – Parks & Recreation

15 Years of Service
Bizjack, Nancy A – Performing Arts Center
Stice, Jackie S – Finance
Williams, Billy T – Water and Sewer
Wilson, Aaron D – Information Technology      

10 Years of Service
Hernandez, Ernesto G – Water and Sewer
Landry, Kristi L – Police
Mcintosh, Cilla J – Water and Sewer
Orourke Iii, Daniel F – Streets and Stormwater
Vejar, Luis R – Human Resources
White, Hughlon J – Streets and Stormwater

5 Years of Service
Hutchcraft, Dylan M – Water and Sewer
Noel, Joshua T – Streets and Stormwater
Sides, Brenton W – City Council
Smith, Logan A – Information Technology
Sutton, Jonathan K – Water and Sewer
Thomas, Jeramiah J – Water and Sewer
Wolfeson, Lord – Water and Sewer