Reading Partners

Hear what three of your fellow employees have to say about being a volunteer for Reading Partners: Watch the Video

From Mayor Bynum


Earlier this year, I signed Executive Order No. 2017-03 which created the City of Tulsa Reading Partner Tutoring Initiative. This initiative encourages City employees to volunteer as reading tutors for first through third grade students in select TPS schools.

Volunteers for the Reading Partners program dedicate one hour a week to practicing reading with local kids. Right now, TPS is right at 50% for third grade reading proficiency – but kids who go through this program have over a 90% success rate.  That is important because third grade reading proficiency is one of the strongest indicators of whether or not someone will graduate from high school.

Please know that paid volunteer leave is available to full-time exempt and non-exempt employees who are in good standing and gain their Department Head’s approval before participating by submitting a Paid Volunteer Leave Request form to their immediate supervisor. You may receive up to two hours of leave per week, which includes traveling directly to and from a TPS site while using a City vehicle (only with the approval of your Department Head and/or their designee.) All paid volunteer leave should occur during normal work hours for employees/volunteers. Also, all exempt and non-exempt employees using the Paid Volunteer Leave need to submit their leave request through Kronos before using their leave.


Reading Partners Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to attend an orientation before applying?
Yes. If you plan to attend an orientation at the City on August 24 or August 25, you will get to register online during the orientation time. 

If I can't make it to an orientation at the City of Tulsa, will there be other orientations?
Yes! You can register for an orientation at any time online at readingpartners.org/volunteer. There are always multiple orientations scheduled at various times and locations each week. 

In which schools can I volunteer with Reading Partners?
Reading Partners serves in twenty-three TPS schools, which can be found on our website at readingpartners.org or download

Do I have to submit a background check?
Yes. All volunteers must complete the TPS background check on their first day of tutoring. 

When do I get to schedule my weekly session and decide when my first day of tutoring will be?
Scheduling your first day of tutoring and weekly session takes place during your orientation. 

What if I don't remember everything that I learn in the orientation?
Each reading center has a full-time site coordinator who is there to help you every step of the way. They will help connect you with online resources and let you know about workshops throughout the year so that you feel confident and prepared to be successful with your student. 

If I volunteered with Reading Partners last year, do I need to attend another orientation? 
No. Returning volunteers do not have to attend an orientation. 

If I volunteered with Reading Partners last year, how to I schedule my tutoring sessions?
Returning volunteers can reach out to the Community Engagement team at (918) 949-1979 or volunteerTUL@readingpartners.org to schedule their first day of tutoring and weekly session time. (Returning volunteers will also be contacted in August by their site coordinator to help them get scheduled.)

Who can I contact if I have more questions about volunteering with Reading Partners?
Contact the Community Engagement team at (918) 949-1979 or volunteerTUL@readingpartners.org