Crew Leader II (Mainline East - Two Positions)

Under general supervision acts as a working leadsperson directing a crew performing a variety of unskilled, semiskilled and skilled tasks while working as a member of a crew engaged in a hazardous, heavy construction and/or major repair or maintenance activities involving City services or facilities and other related assigned duties. *Work schedule is as follows: 7:00 AM – 5:30 PM / Sunday - Wednesday.

Position Category: Labor and Trade
Requires Background Check: False
Position Code: 7934-0020KV; 7934-0018KV
Department: Water & Sewer
Division: Mainline East
Pay Grade: LT-17
Starting Salary: $16.07/Hr.

Essential Job Functions: (All Departments/Divisions):
Performs lead work such as planning activities according to priority, problem solving and decision making

Participates with other members of a crew performing a variety of tasks involving maintenance and repair of water or sewer lines

Operates, maintains, instructs others and directs the use of various types of hand and power equipment

Operates some specialized types of equipment

Directs and participates in cleanup of the work area and equipment upon project completion

Completes and maintains all required paperwork for each project, identifying required personnel, equipment and materials used

Develops and maintains worksite safety, assuring proper placement of traffic warning devices

Serves as liaison with customers, landowners, vendors and contractors

May trim or remove trees on City right-of-way

In addition to the above tasks, the following essential tasks may be required by the individual departments/divisions.

Inspects, constructs, repairs, cleans and maintains storm or sanitary sewer lines and related structures

Programs, monitors, collects and interprets data

Operates equipment such as mini-camera, smoke blower, jet rodder, jackhammer, saws and loaders

Investigates and resolves customer complaints

Operates and maintains CCTV and grouting systems

Maintains tool and material inventory

Walks and inspects sanitary and storm lines and structures

Checks sewer overflows, takes samples and pH levels and assesses damages

Performs masonry work in the construction or repair of sewer lines and structures

Operates equipment such as jackhammers, paving saws and compressors

Distribution Systems
Operates equipment such as a jackhammer and saw

Pressure tests new water mains

Inspects, installs, repairs and/or relocates fire, blow-off and flushing hydrants

Tests, repairs, rebuilds, replaces and/or adjusts valves and conducts valve surveys according to atlas page

Installs, maintains, removes and changes out meters

Operates and maintains secondary pump and rechlorination stations

Installs, repairs and replaces service/water line breaks and leaks

Monitors and adjusts water quality and pressure flow

Diagnoses and corrects low water pressure complaints

Transports and applies chlorine and sulfur dioxide gases

Takes and analyzes water samples throughout the distribution system

Disinfects, cleans and flushes water mains/lines and storage tanks

Constructs concrete meter pits and large concrete valve vaults

Builds forms, pours concrete and finishes sidewalks and driveways

Water Pollution Control
Operates, directs and trains others in the use and maintenance of specialized heavy equipment utilized in the biosolids program

Provides recommendations and information for equipment used on a project basis

Performs and directs normal adjustments/service and  routes maintenance on automotive and heavy equipment

Directs and participates in painting, fencing, mowing, sweeping, snow removal from roadways and field renovation

Performs light welding

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential tasks.

Minimum Requirements:
Graduation from high school or possession of a General Educational Development Certificate (GED), and three (3) years of progressively responsible experience, including semiskilled and skilled work in the major repair or heavy construction field or in water distribution maintenance with some lead work responsibility; or an equivalent combination of training and experience per Personnel Policies and Procedures, Section 128.

Considerable knowledge of manual work practices, methods, tools, materials and equipment of varied semiskilled major repair and heavy construction work; considerable knowledge of the City policies and governmental rules and regulations relating to the hazards and safety precautions of the work; and prefer demonstrated knowledge in Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality regulations and requirements of Department of Transportation in some positions.  Ability to use and instruct others in the use of hand and mechanical tools and equipment; ability to operate and instruct others in the operation of automotive and other types of power equipment; ability to climb 175 foot water storage tanks; ability to maintain daily records, ability to perform basic math calculations, ability to read and interpret plans, specifications and water, sanitary and storm sewer atlases; and the ability to understand and influence the behavior of others within the organization, customers or the public in order to achieve job objectives and cause action or understanding.

Physical Requirements:    
Physical requirements include frequent walking and standing; frequent lifts/carries up to 60 pounds; frequent pushing up to 50 pounds; occasional lifts/carries up to 105 pounds; occasional pushing up to 60 pounds; frequent pulling up to 60 pounds; frequent reaching, balancing, bending, kneeling, handling, climbing, smelling and twisting; occasional crawling and feeling; and vision, speech and hearing sufficient to perform the essential tasks.

Licenses and Certificates:      
Possession of a valid Oklahoma Class "A" Commercial Driver's License (CDL) with applicable endorsements; some positions within this classification may require a valid Class "D" Water/Wastewater Operator's License as issued by the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ); Confined Space Entry Certification; and some positions may require Certification on Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (S.C.B.A.).

Working Environment:
Working environment is primarily outdoors and occasionally indoors and in inclement weather.  May be exposed to the following:  hazardous materials, animal waste/dead animals, flammable liquids, radiation, traffic, cramped work areas, excessive dust, weather/temperature extremes, trench excavations, underground gas/electric/petroleum/fiber optic lines, rough terrains, cutting/chipping/grinding, hazardous/toxic atmospheres, sewage, damp/wet surfaces, snow/ice covered surfaces, animal bites, snake bites, insect bites, poisonous plants, overhead power lines, toxic fumes/vapors/odors, confined spaces, compressed gases, high noise areas and refuse/garbage/litter.  Some positions may be required to work overtime and be on 24 hour standby.  *Work schedule is as follows: 7:00 AM – 5:30 PM / Sunday - Wednesday.