School Crossing Escort (Part-time)

Would you like to perform a vital job responsibility and protect our youth? Would you like to be a child's hero? A School Crossing Escort may be just the position for you.

Position Category: Part-Time, Temporary, Summer Jobs and Internships
Requires Background Check: True
Position Code:
Department: Streets and Stormwater
Pay Grade:
Starting Salary: $7.55

General Information:
Some paydays there will be an information letter included in your pay advisory.  School schedules, pay information, and such are included in the letter. You are responsible for the information in that letter.

When you are called to work a zone for another escort.  We will give you the following information:
1. Where to go (location of the zone).

2. The morning and afternoon times for that zone.

3. Where to park.

4. How many days you will work that zone, or if we do not know at that time, we will advise you to continue to go to that zone every working day until you hear different from this office.
When an Adult School Crossing Escort that is assigned to a permanent position retires or quits, an alternate will be assigned to fill that post. The selection of who fills that post is up to the School Safety Coordinator. The School Safety Coordinator will fill that post with the best person he/she can find for the good of the City of Tulsa.

As a general rule, you will be assigned to work with an Adult School Crossing Escort for training. That person will:

1. Teach you how to use your stop sign

2. How to get the children to stay on the curb until you tell them to cross

3. how to work the traffic signals at various locations

The escort assigned to train you is experienced. Listen to what they tell you and do as they say.

Failure to obey their direction, or unsafe acts will be grounds for dismissal

If you know that you will need to miss work, please notify the School Safety Office one week in advance so that we can plan for the absence.

Escorts may miss no more that 5 times for personal reasons, or more than 5 times for sickness and still be eligible for a meritorious pay increase.

Read, understand and comply with the school crossing escort instructions that are passed out when you hire on, and at the annual meeting each year.

Minimum requirements for all applicants:
Must have a telephone

Must have a vehicle

Must have a valid Oklahoma driver's license

Must have a valid Social Security Card (Cannot be a reproduction, metallic, or plastic copy.)

Cannot have a felony police record

Must have reasonably good eyesight, hearing and mobility

Applicant must furnish the following equipment:

  • Dark blue or black pants or skirt, and rubber soled shoes.

If you are sick, or some other unforeseen circumstance prevents you from working your zone, you should call the School Safety Office no later than 6:15 a.m. to inform us of your inability to report for duty. If you call before 6 a.m., School Safety personnel may not be in the office, but you can leave a message. To assure that we got your message, you need to call again by 6:15 a.m. and talk to someone in the School Safety Office. (Whenever possible, please notify us at least one (1) hour in advance of your zone starting time.)
Arrive on time and stay for the entire time assigned to the crossing

No reading or any other distractions during working time

If weather permits, stay out of your vehicle and visible to the public and students

Cross everyone that comes to the crossing, regardless of age

No drinking of alcoholic beverages within 8 hours of work, and no alcohol on your breath during working hours

Do not touch a child except when necessary to protect their life

Pay schedule:
Pay for days worked from the 1st to the 15th of the month, is paid on the last day of the month. Pay for days worked between the 16th and the last day of the month is paid on the 15th of the following month. If payday falls on a weekend or holiday, payday will be moved to the last City of Tulsa working day prior to the scheduled payday. The only other type of compensation is Workman's Compensation in case of an injury.

Every City employee is advised to have their pay direct deposited to their bank or Financial institution. If you have your check direct deposited, you will be mailed a pay advisory from this office which has all the relevant information on it. Pay advisory and checks that are not direct deposited will be mailed to your address at 2 p.m. on payday.