Senior Mechanical Inspector

Under general supervision performs skilled lead inspector duties in performance of inspections and investigations securing compliance with the City's mechanical and fuel gas codes and ordinances along with other related assigned duties. *Hours: Monday – Thursday, 7:30AM – 4:00PM.

Position Category: Professional
Requires Background Check: False
Position Code: 4473-0001SN
Department: Planning & Development
Division: Development Services
Section: Inspection Services
Pay Grade: AT-36
Starting Salary: $22.70/Hr.

Essential Job Functions:
Performs advanced level mechanical and fuel gas code related inspections and investigations of new construction, alteration, replacement and repair of residential and commercial buildings along with associated data

Schedules daily work load for mechanical inspections and monitors case investigations

Assists training of staff in inspection code specialties

Serves as lead inspector  and advises inspectors in performance of job duties

Provides professional communication to assist attorneys, contractors, developers, property managers, realtors and other construction industry members in understanding code issues or interpretations

Writes official notices and fine- bearing citations for mechanical ordinances, codes and safety hazard violations

Maintains records, documentation, and other related work using a wireless tablet computer

Confers with engineers, architects, contractors, owners, workers and others pertaining to residential and commercial mechanical regulations

Operates a City vehicle

Represents the City in court as an expert witness and during prosecution of code violators

Serves as a lead member of post disaster response personnel with TAEMA

Must report to work on a regular and timely basis

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential tasks.

Minimum Requirements:
Bachelor’s degree in construction technology, public/business administration or a related field and shall have at least three (3) years’ experience as a state licensed unlimited mechanical inspector; six (6) years continued practical progressive experience in residential or commercial construction work, including three (3) years as a superintendent, foreman or contractor; or an equivalent combination of training and experience, per Personnel Policies and Procedures, Section 128. 

Employee will be eligible for a one (1) step pay increase following the completion of a certification examination pre-approved by the department and two (2) years of employment in the position.  Failure to maintain a certification will result in the employee’s pay being reduced by the amount of the pay increase received for that certification. Employee will be eligible for an additional one (1) step pay increase following the completion of a certification examination pre-approved by the department and four (4) years of employment in the position. Failure to maintain a certification will result in the employee’s pay being reduced by the amount of the pay increase received for that certification  (employees who have previously progressed to a Senior Inspector will not be eligible for either increase listed above).

Considerable knowledge of materials, methods and techniques used in residential and commercial construction; considerable knowledge of possible defects and faults in residential and commercial construction and effective corrective measures; and considerable knowledge of federal, state and local mechanical codes and regulations pertaining to residential and commercial construction. Advanced proficiency in at least one (1) related area of expertise: fire protection systems, zoning ordinances, existing building code, legal aspects of code administration, special use and occupancy, plans examination, fire-resistance rated construction, accessibility, special inspections, floodplain development regulations or planned unit development site inspections. 
Ability to read and interpret plans, specifications and blueprints quickly and accurately to compare them with construction in process; ability to enforce regulations with firmness, tact and impartiality; and the ability to understand and influence the behavior of others within the organization, customers or the public in order to achieve job objectives and cause action or understanding.

Physical Requirements:
Physical requirements include arm and hand steadiness and finger dexterity enough to use a telephone, computer, smart phone and/or other mobile device(s); occasional lifting up to 50 pounds; occasional carrying up to 40 pounds; occasional pulling up to 5 pounds; may be subject to extended periods of walking, standing, sitting, reaching, balancing, bending, kneeling, handling, feeling, climbing, smelling and twisting; vision, speech and hearing sufficient to perform the essential tasks.

Licenses and Certificates:
Possession of a valid Oklahoma Class "D" Operator's License; ICC certification required as an unlimited mechanical inspector and one (1) additional certification from the list of approved ICC certifications as approved by department; and licensed by the state as an Unlimited Mechanical Inspector for a minimum of three (3) years.

Skills Tests Required:
Writing and/or physical skills assessments may be administered as needed for each position.

Working Environment:
Working environment is primarily outdoors, occasionally indoors and in inclement weather; and requires traveling to various locations for inspections. *Hours: Monday – Thursday, 7:30AM – 4:00PM.