Subdivision Regulations Update


The City of Tulsa has engaged a project work group consisting of industry professionals and subject matter experts led by Duncan Associates to complete an update to the City's Subdivision Regulations. Over a 12-month period, beginning in July the project will address the quality of physical development guided by the City's comprehensive plan (PLANiTULSA). The Work Group and (staff) Technical Team will be asked to consider issues such as transportation circulation and connectivity, stormwater management, conservation of natural and recreational assets and the availability of adequate public infrastructure to all property within the City of Tulsa. Throughout the upcoming months, opportunities for your input will be provided to ensure the project's success.

Issue Identification and Outline Memo is now available and includes the priorities identified during the kick-off meetings and stakeholder listening sessions. It also incorporates the Work Group and Technical Team comments.

Subdivision Regulations: Public Review Sessions

What are the Big Changes? Now is the time to weigh in on the Subdivision Regulations Public Review Draft and share your comments with the City of Tulsa and Kirk Bishop, consultant with Duncan Associates. The public review period will extend through June 30, 2017.

Participate online:

  • Submit comments via e-mail to planning@cityoftulsa.org
  • On the subject line, please include “Sub Regs Draft” and follow this format (example below) to help us address your issues.

     Section or Page  Issues for TMAPC Discussion
     1-080 or 1-3 Provide a short description of the question,
    comment, idea, or topic for discussion.

Participate in an Open House Review Session: The Open House was held June 27.

The public review period will extend through June 30, 2017.

Responses will be posted and considered for the final draft. The Tulsa Metropolitan Area Planning Commission (TMAPC) will conduct a public hearing in the summer of 2017.

Project Schedule:
Task 1: Mobilization and Kick-off - completed
Task 2: Project Direction and Outline - completed
Task 3: Internal Draft - completed
Task 4: Public Review Draft - in progress
Task 5: Hearing Draft
Task 6: Hearings
Task 7: Final Adopted Regulations

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