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How will it be determined if my neighborhood is eligible for speed humps?
Before speed humps can be installed, certain criteria based on speed and volume must be met.

After my application is received, how long will it take to be notified if my street is eligible for traffic calming?
After the Streets and Stormwater Department receives your application, a study will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. Notification could take up to six weeks depending on the number of applications received.

How will the traffic calming device be funded?
Funding for traffic calming can come from either public or private sources. If from a public source, the traffic calming will be funded as money becomes available.

The City of Tulsa will accept private funding as a donation and use the money for traffic calming in a neighborhood specified by the donor. All criteria must still be met, even if private funds are used.

Can we build our own speed humps?
No. All speed hump installation will be constructed by an approved City contractor, based on the specifications outlined in the City of Tulsa Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program.

Where do I get an application?
Applications can be  downloaded or by calling the Customer Care Center at 311.