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One of the principal goals of the WIN Department is to create collaborative links between the City and its citizens. The Neighborhood Services Division and Neighborhood Liaisons are extensions of this link, making available a designated point of contact between neighborhood groups, area residents, businesses, schools, youth, civic organizations and City Hall.

The Neighborhood Services Division was established to help implement a proactive education program designed to enhance code compliance, collaboration, and coordination of public/private services throughout the City's neighborhoods. It also works with area residents to help keep Tulsa neighborhoods healthy, attractive and positive places in which to live, work, play and invest.

During the restructuring of WIN and the redeployment of staff, Neighborhood Liaisons work with Neighborhood Inspectors (code enforcement) in an effort to enhance communication with citizens and the City. Neighborhood Liaisons and Neighborhood Inspectors work together to be a pro-active link between the City and residents by fostering a spirit of self-reliance and promoting positive images of Tulsa's neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Liaisons also work closely with leaders of city neighborhood associations, block groups and other community organizations to help organize and assist in maintaining healthy, growing neighborhoods.

The Neighborhood Liaisons meet with other city staff, (police, fire, parks and recreation, planning, public works and non-profit organizations /agencies) to help plan and initiate special Neighborhood Enhancement Team (NET) projects within the city.

A few of the essential functions of our Neighborhood Liaisons include:

Your Neighborhood Liaisons:

Alisia Myers
(918) 596-9336

Joel Hensley
(918) 576-5634

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