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Frequently Asked Questions

My pension/disability check hasn't arrived yet. Who do I talk to?
If you need to inquire about when your pension or disability check was mailed you may contact the United States Department of Veterans Affairs at:

Muskogee Regional Office
125 South Main Street
Muskogee, OK 74401
Phone: (800) 827-1000
Fax: (918) 781-7509

I was born overseas while my mom/dad was in the military. How can I get a copy of my birth certificate?
You may call (202) 955-0307, or write:

Department of State
Vital Records Section
Suite 510
1111 19th Street NW
Washington, DC 20522

How can I obtain contact information of a buddy from an old unit?
The Privacy Act of 1974 prohibits releasing the last known address of former service members without their written consent. However, the agency identified below will assist your search by forwarding your letter to the service member's last know address. Instead, to pursue locating a former service member:

Please note: current addresses for discharged service members are not maintained at the Records Center. This center only has the service member's last officially recorded address. Letters to service members the Record Center cannot identify, or who are deceased, will be returned to you.

How can I provide military funeral honors for a veteran who has recently died?
Military Funeral Honors have always been provided whenever possible. However, the law now mandates the rendering of Military Funeral Honors for an eligible veteran if requested by the family. As provided by law, an Honor Guard detail for the burial of an eligible veteran shall consist of not less than two members of the Armed Forces. One member of the detail shall be a representative of the parent service of the deceased veteran. The honor detail will, at a minimum, perform a ceremony that includes the folding and presenting of the American flag to the next of kin and the playing of Taps. The veteran's parent Service Representative will present the flag. Taps will be played by a bugler, if available, or by electronic recording. Today, there are so few buglers available that the Military Services often cannot provide one. For more information, please visit

Who is eligible for Military Funeral Honors?
The following are eligible for Military Funeral Honors:

What can the family of an eligible veteran expect?
The core elements of the funeral honors ceremony, which will be conducted, are:

- Flag folding

- Flag presentation

- Playing of Taps

I am a returning OEF/OIF veteran. How do I apply for benefits?
Returning veterans of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom should register for benefits with the US Department of Veterans Affairs immediately upon return.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has appointed special points of contact for Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom veterans to assist you in your transition to the Jack C. Montgomery VA Medical Center. Please contact:

Nanette Waller
OIF/OEF Program Manager
Phone: (918) 577-4150
Fax: (918) 577-3701

Annette Lee
OIF/OEF Administrative Specialist
Phone: (918) 577-4151
Fax: (918) 577-3742

Are VA educational benefits taxable?
No, veteran's benefits, paid under any law and administered by the VA should not be reported as income to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).Where can I obtain information on Agent Orange?