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Ban the Box


There are so many talented individuals wanting to share in making Tulsa a globally competitive, world-class city, and we do not want someone’s past to stand in the way of their future success. I encourage all businesses in Tulsa to take a look at what we are doing and try to implement a ban the box policy.”

Ban the Box: Increasing Employment Opportunities For Justice-Involved Tulsans

Individuals with a criminal history have paid for their mistakes, oftentimes with a sentence and lengthy court battles. Those who are justice-involved face many challenges that threaten their ability to thrive in the community, secure jobs and find housing. 

In 2016, the City announced an executive order restricting the inquiry into an applicant’s criminal history for certain positions by removing the question from its initial employment application. When the new City of Tulsa website launched, employment applications for many City jobs were changed to “second chance friendly,” removing the box that requests for potential future employees to identify as being justice-involved. Qualified applicants with arrest and conviction records now have a fairer opportunity for employment within the City. The policy applies to most City jobs, except for positions with security or public safety concerns, like Police and Fire, 911 personnel and others as necessary.

Second-Chance Friendly Employers in Tulsa

Multiple Tulsa employers are working to offer a second chance to those who were involved in the justice system. Below are a few companies in Tulsa that exhibit a second-chance friendly workplace. these are a few who the City has identified as businesses that offer some form of second-chance hiring. 

If you are interested in learning more about how to become a second-chance friendly business, please email 

Resources for Tulsa Businesses 

Resources for Justice-Involved Individuals 

Below is a list of resources available for justice-involved individuals. If you would like to share a resource to be included in this page please email

Stories of Resilience
Watch these short videos to hear stories of resilience from Tulsans who worked hard to get second-chance employment.