Sales Tax in Tulsa

Inside the City limits of Tulsa, the sales tax and use tax is 8.517%. Of this, the State of Oklahoma receives 4.5%, Tulsa County receives 0.85%, and the City receives 3.167%.

The City has five major tax categories and collectively they provide 54% of the projected revenue. Sales tax at 3.167% (2% to general fund and 1% to capital fund, and 0.167% to the Fix Our Streets fund), Use tax is 3.167%, Franchise tax/right-of-way user fees, hotel/motel tax at 5% and Ad Valorem tax sufficient to pay for the principal and interest on bond indebtedness and any court judgments against the City.

The City budget can be found online. You can read more about the "Third Penny" sales tax projects online: 2001 projects, 2006 projects, 2008 Fix Our Streets.