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GO Plan Priority Project List for Bicycle Facilities

Priorities were determined through consensus among citizen volunteers on the Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee, City of Tulsa Engineering Services, and design consultant, Garver Engineering, which performed an implementation quantitative analysis. This analysis provides reasoning for the priorities and cost estimates for projects. Current funding will allow for implementation of this list and other priorities to be determined.


Priority 1

East 11th Street, South Elgin Avenue to South Harvard Avenue
 East 11th Street, South Harvard Avenue to South Sheridan Road
 East Pine Street, North Gilcrease Museum Road to North Memorial Drive
 South Boulder Avenue, West First Street to West 10th Street
 South Boulder Avenue, West 10th Street to Riverside Drive
 Boulder Avenue, East Haskell Street to East First Street
 East Fourth Street, South Harvard Avenue to South Yale Avenue
 East Third Street, South Madison Avenue to South Harvard Avenue
 East 11th Street, South Sheridan Road to South 123rd East Avenue
 East Third Street, Heavy Traffic Way to South Madison Avenue
 South Elgin Avenue, East Archer Street to East 11th Street
 East 10th Street, South Boulder Avenue to South Elgin Avenue
 East 11th Street, South Boulder Avenue to Southwest Boulevard
 West Edison Street, North Cheyenne Avenue to North 33rd West Avenue
 North Main Street, East Haskell Street to West Pine Street
 North Main Street, West Pine Street to Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard
 South Tulsa Neighborhood to Bixby – Creek Trail/Yale Avenue to Fry Ditch Creek Trail 


Priority 2

 South Peoria Avenue, East Sixth Street to East 13th Place
 East 15th Street, South Peoria Avenue to South Utica Avenue
 South Peoria Avenue, East 13th Place to East 15th Street
 Southwest Boulevard, Riverside Drive to West 48th Street
 South/Midtown Tulsa, Creek Trail/Sheridan Road to East 46th Street
 North Peoria Avenue, East Pine Street to East Sixth Street
 Greenwood Avenue, Third Street to Archer Street
 South Delaware Avenue, East 15th Street to East 20th Street
 South Delaware Avenue, East 11th Street to East 15th Street
 Archer Street, Guthrie Avenue to Greenwood Avenue
 South 73rd East Avenue, East 76th Street to East 66th Street
 South 72nd East Avenue, East 65th Place to East 58th Street
 East 57th Street, South Hudson Avenue to South 76th East Avenue