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The official title for Tulsa's 911 Center is 911 Public Safety Communications, which is a section of the Tulsa Police Department. 911 Public Safety Communications is a regional call center offering emergency and non-emergency communication services to citizens and a variety of fire and law enforcement agencies. In addition to the services delivered to the City of Tulsa Fire and Police Departments, staff provides communications for  the Berryhill, Catoosa, Oak Grove, and Sperry Fire Departments, as well as, law enforcement communications to the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office and Catoosa and Sperry Police Departments.


911 Public Safety Communications' mission, across three shifts, is to provide communications support to regional law enforcement, fire, and EMS agencies by delivering the most appropriate, timely, and safe response to calls for service from citizens. This support is rendered by highly-trained, professional Telecommunicators utilizing state-of-the-art telephone, radio, and computer technology.

Continued Education and Training

Our workforce is comprised of highly-trained and skilled personnel. The City strives to actively recruit new employees, while proactively retaining existing staff. Plans include continued classroom training to develop skills and both City of Tulsa and in-service training classes to enhance skills.

Technical Improvements

In addition to the technical expertise and systems to support the goals of 911 Public Safety Communications operations, enhanced database, dispatch systems and security are among the mission-critical improvements planned for our organization.

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