An Overview of Improve Our Tulsa

Welcome to the Improve Our Tulsa website – your information source for City of Tulsa capital improvement projects throughout Tulsa. On this website, the City of Tulsa provides details on capital improvement projects approved by Tulsans who have voted in favor of General Obligation Bonds and sales taxes since 2008.

You can find out about each capital improvement project through the “Project Map” feature on this site. Projects approved as part of the 2019 Improve Our Tulsa renewal package are marked in orange; projects from the 2014 Improve Our Tulsa package are marked in green; the Vision Tulsa project is marked in red, and the remaining Fix Our Streets projects are marked in blue.

When you click on a project on the map, you will find information regarding the project’s location, type, number, design engineer, status, approximate dates for construction, budget and funding source, and contact information for phone and email: Customer Care Center – 311 or (918) 596-7777; tulsa311@cityoftulsa.org  

Following the $918.7 million first Improve Our Tulsa package, in November 2019 Tulsa voters approved a second capital improvements package, Improve Our Tulsa 2. Improve Our Tulsa 2 includes $427 million in General Obligation Bonds funded through the City of Tulsa’s share of residents’ property taxes and a half-cent sales tax that will begin to be collected as soon as the funds from the first Improve Our Tulsa package have been raised (estimated to be on or before July 1, 2021).

The sales tax for Improve Our Tulsa 2 will be $0.0045 per dollar for the capital projects (45 percent of a penny) and $0.0005 per dollar for the Rainy Day Fund (5 percent of a penny). The portion of the tax that will fund capital projects will be $193 million. When the $193 million has been raised, the temporary $0.0045 tax will expire.


Live Project Map

Improve Our Tulsa map graphic

See the Improve Our Tulsa projects and projects funded by Improve Our Tulsa 2, as well as remaining projects from the 2008 Fix Our Streets program.
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