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Serve Tulsans News Volume 19

National Volunteer Week During COVID - 19

First, THANK YOU!! The work that volunteers do in our community is invaluable and collectively serves as a cornerstone for the positive outcomes we see throughout our city. During these unprecedented times, it is hard to discern when, where and how to help those in need. Given that Tulsans are safer at home and should only leave for essential trips, we wanted to share ways that you can still support others.

  • Check on your neighbors in need
  • Donate to a worthy cause
  • Explore ways to connect and volunteer virtually
  • Give blood
  • Call, text or write a friend
  • Find ways to show gratitude to those on the front lines 

Small acts of kindness can go a long way during these difficult times.  Social distancing may make us feel far apart but, we are all in this together.

For up to date local information, please visit  Stay safe and again, THANK YOU from the Serve Tulsans Team.

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Serve Tulsans News Volume 18

Volunteer for Your Health  

Did you know volunteering has been proven to improve mental and physical health?  Research published by the National Institutes of Health has shown significantly better health outcomes for individuals who volunteer. The research verified that when people volunteer their life satisfaction, self-esteem, and happiness increase while symptoms of depression and distress decrease.  Beyond individual health impacts there are meaningful social impacts that benefit groups throughout our community. The benefits of volunteering are so positive that it is recommended cities promote service opportunities to improve public health outcomes. Please consider volunteering today to enhance your health, and the health and livelihood of all Tulsans.    

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Serve Tulsans News Volume 17

Tulsa Beautiful


Over 50 years ago, an article referenced Tulsa’s claim of being “America’s Most Beautiful City.” The slogan quickly became a tagline.  However, in recent years, it has been revealed that the article titled “Where Beauty is Everyone’s Business” only praised Tulsa as “one of the cities working hardest at beautification.” While the city’s slogan was sensationalized, Tulsa still embodies the heart of that original article. In our community, we work together for the benefit of everyone to make our city beautiful. In 2020 let’s resolve to find new ways through service to move Tulsa closer to the vision of becoming a globally competitive, world class (beautiful) city.

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