About Serve Tulsans

Make a difference in the lives of Tulsans!

Serve Tulsans is a volunteer-based initiative that seeks to build up and coordinate local human capital in an effort to address the public problems. The hope is that by encouraging community members to join together in meaningful projects they will create lasting relationships, impact their neighborhoods and the city as a whole.

The City of Tulsa launched the Serve Tulsans website in order to connect residents to volunteer opportunities.  Whether residents volunteer for a neighborhood cleanup or as a reading partner in their local schools, there are many ways to contribute to the community.

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Serve Tulsa and Tulsans

From participating in a local schools reading partners program to a neighborhood cleanup, the City of Tulsa wants to connect volunteers to opportunities based on their availability, passion, and skills to have a positive impact in the community. By combining our efforts, we can make volunteerism an integral part of our community.

Easy Access to Volunteer Opportunities

Tulsa residents are ready to volunteer and through servetulsans.org we hope to make it easier for them to sign up and serve their community in a positive way.

Service and Volunteerism

It is the city goal that volunteers register for and participate in service opportunities that provide a benefit to another person, group or organization.

Commitment to Community

Tulsa is the place where we live, work, and play and we are committed to making it better for today and the future.