Bike Club


Building confident cyclists and great Tulsans through community engagement

How Bike Club works

Bike Club kicks-off each year in late September and runs for approximately 25-30 weeks, finishing in early May. Students who complete the program earn a bicycle and helmet. Each club is made up of roughly 20 elementary students (primarily 5th graders) and five volunteers — this number includes faculty member(s). Equipment needed to run club activities, such as bicycles, helmets, safety vests, curriculum, drill supplies, maps, etc., along with adult-size bicycles, are provided to each participating school.

In the fall, students and adult volunteers meet weekly after school to ride bikes and work on cycling skills, life skills (confidence, respect, following rules, etc.) and other activities (for instance, STEM learning). And the spring semester is focused more on off-campus rides and experiences — for example, students may ride to a fire station, museum, park, restaurant or other nearby places of interest.

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Jason Whorton
Program Director


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