Clarehouse is a loving home for terminally ill people, providing living space, practical care and access to hospice services - devoted to the care of dying people and to the support of their loved ones.  Clarehouse has a 16 year history of providing care for dying people in need. Our reputation for excellence and our commitment to being a best practice organization has made us a strong community partner across the continuum of health care in our region. Though we provide services free of charge, we are fiscally strong through the generosity of our donors, who value this solution to a very difficult family challenge.

Known as a Social Model Hospice, Clarehouse joins a handful of organizations across the country pioneering this innovative approach to the caregiver crisis in end-of-life care. Our strong collaboration with local medical hospices, hospitals and other care providers fills the gap in care for those without resources to die at home. 

Brady Beard
Support Services Director
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