Collegiate Hall

Collegiate Hall is privileged to serve the 61st and Peoria community at the request of Tulsa Public Schools. The 61st and Peoria community has historically been Tulsa’s most challenging community; the four-square mile community is home to one-third of Tulsa’s Section 8 housing and struggles with the myriad of challenges that come with poverty – the city’s highest rates of violent crime, infant mortality, and domestic violence. It is no surprise, then, that students in our community struggle to overcome these challenges and find success in school. 

Collegiate Hall operates in partnership with Tulsa Public Schools in the Marshall School Building at 56th and Peoria. As a public school, we accept all students, regardless of race, socioeconomic status, or previous academic history. Our priority, however, is to serve students who need it most; 89% of our students qualify for free or reduced price lunch and almost one-third (33%) have already repeated a grade by the time they enroll at Collegiate Hall.

As a charter school, we receive increased autonomy to meet the needs of our student body in exchange for higher levels of accountability. Unfortunately, by virtue of being a charter school, we operate on approximately two-thirds (66%) of the budget of a traditional Tulsa Public School. Despite the financial challenges, Collegiate Hall has already started to see some dramatic results.

Collegiate Hall has been able to achieve these results by hiring dedicated teachers and investing in their development. Our teachers show up at school before 7 AM and stay past 5 PM every day – more than three hours longer than a typical teacher – and do so happily for less pay. Our teachers give up half their summer and spend their entire month of July in professional development. They meet for three hours each week to identify students needing extra support, analyze student achievement data, tailor curriculum to meet student needs and hone their ability to plan and deliver highly engaging lessons.

Collegiate Hall gives parents in our city another choice – a truly college-preparatory option. Collegiate Hall delivers a school that focuses on providing rigorous academics, an achievement-oriented school culture, and a commitment to working with parents to ensure every child’s success. 

Nikhil Kawlra
Head of School
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