Communities in School of Mid-America

Struggling students and their families have a hard time accessing and navigating the maze of public and private services.  There may be ample resources in a community, but rarely is there someone on the ground who is able to connect these resources with the schools and students that need them most.

CIS of Mid-America uses an evidence-based model, implemented by school-based Site Coordinators, to bring community resources into schools, removing barriers to learning, and keeping kids in schools and on the path to graduation.  We leverage relationships, local resources, and evidence to drive results.

During the 2016-2017 school year, CIS of Mid-America provided services in 7 sites in Tulsa, helping more than 3,800 students accomplish their goals.  Student achievement among case-managed students included the following outcomes: 99% of students tracked as potential dropouts remained in school at the end of the year; 92% of students tracked for promotion risk were promoted to the next grade; 97% of seniors graduated; 88% of students with attendance risk factors met their attendance goals; 90% of students tracked for needing to improve their behavior met their improvement goals; and, 87% of students tracked for needing to improve their academic achievement brought up their grades.

Jania M. Wester
Managing Director
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