Big Brothers Big Sisters

Volunteer opportunity description:

We need men, women and couples to volunteer as mentors for at-risk children ages 6 to 18. The volunteers (we call them Bigs) are matched with a child (we call them Littles), and they do 2-4 activities per month together. We match based upon the needs of the child, strengths of the volunteer, personality and shared interests. We also consider proximity because we don’t want a long drive to be a hardship on the Big.

Each match is different. Some may go to the park to play basketball. Others may go to a museum together. Some may enjoy quiet time studying together at the library. Each match decides upon activities that interest them.

We professionally support each match and have a staff member assigned to every match. We stay in contact with the Big, Little and family to find solutions to issues, encourage regular communication and brainstorm potential activities that would benefit the child. We encourage matches to do as many free and low-cost activities as possible in order to focus on the relationship and not how expensive the outing is.

We also encourage Bigs to incorporate the child into the activities you would have been doing anyway. Planning yardwork? Why not allow your Little Brother or Little Sister to help so they can develop their life skills? Baking a cake? Why not allow your Little to learn all about baking with you? By incorporating your Little into your everyday activities, even very busy Bigs can be a big encouragement to a child in need.


Volunteer requirements:

Volunteers should be at least 18, and we have volunteers of all ages and walks of life. The main requirement is that volunteers have the desire to be an encouragement and to help a child or teen reach their full potential.

We ask everyone involved … mentors, kids and families … to commit to at least a one-year match so that the child can fully benefit from the consistent, caring relationship.

We have an online application and an in-person interview for everyone to ensure safety and solid matching.


Volunteers needed:

We need volunteers who are free at these times:

Hours are very flexible and are determined by the Big, Little, and parent or guardian.


This opportunity is ideal for:

Young professionals, college students, couples, empty nesters. No matter what your age, interests or background, we have a child who would benefit from having YOU as a mentor.


Desirable skills: 

Like to have fun

Desire to help children and youth

Able to help kids with goal-setting

Good communication skills





























Nellie Kelly

Tulsa Area Director


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Big Brothers Big Sisters of Oklahoma: Our one-to-one mentoring relationships support the critical social and emotional development needed to help build resilience and promote the mental health and well-being for the children we serve.


Volunteer opportunity location:


Big Brothers Big Sisters of Oklahoma
1306 S. Denver Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74119