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Welcome from Mayor G.T. Bynum

The New Tulsans Initiative recognizes the core belief that our city’s greatest asset is our people. As Tulsa grows and becomes a diverse world-class city, the New Tulsans Initiative Welcoming Plan will provide pathways for socially responsible immigrant integration and will seek out opportunities that benefit both native born and immigrant residents of Tulsa. Read More

Welcome to our New Afghan Refugees!

The City of Tulsa welcomes the more than 850 Afghan refugees who will be resettled in our area as our new neighbors. We are excited to see the positive contributions Afghan refugees will make in our community and across the country. Learn more...

Flourish Tulsa

In Tulsa, immigrants who have high professional qualifications from their countries of origin may face challenges finding employment in their field of expertise or may experience unemployment and underemployment. Developing strategies for connecting this population with employment in fields they have experience in and are passionate about would not only offer economic mobility for their households, but would also promote a diverse and inclusive business climate and activate the full potential of Tulsa’s economy.

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March 2021 Update: 2019 Public Charge Rule is No longer in Effect

The Department of Homeland Security announced that as of March 9, 2021, the 2019 public charge rule is no longer in effect. This means that use of programs like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), federal housing assistance, or Medicaid (except for Medicaid for long-term institutionalization) will no longer be negatively factored into public charge assessments. Learn more here.  


A Snapshot of Demographic and Economic Characteristics of Immigrants in the County

The City of Tulsa is one of twelve recipients of New American Economy (NAE) research that will be used to inform culturally sensitive emergency response and recovery measures that ensure all residents are supported, regardless of immigration status.

This customized data brief from NAE highlights the demographic nuances of Tulsa County’s immigrant population and will inform the advocacy, development, and implementation of inclusive local emergency and recovery responses. Read more...

Resources for Internationally Trained Immigrants

 Credential Evaluation and Recognition Information Session for the Workforce

Do you have a degree from a university outside of the U.S.? Do you want to transition back into a career you had in another country? Watch this information session (Spanish subtitles) to learn how to get your international education and credentials adequately evaluated and recognized by employers, universities, and professional licensing agencies! In the session, we also discuss the local services our partners offer to support your career goals such as English courses, career guidance, placement opportunities and more.

PowerPoint in English | PowerPoint in Spanish | Presentation in Zomi


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