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Our Origin Story

In 2017, Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum proposed a replication of a program originating in Albuquerque, New Mexico called There’s A Better WayAfter a visit to Albuquerque, Mayor Bynum returned inspired to create A Better Way Tulsa.

Tulsa’s A Better Way initiative is not the only solution to ending panhandling, homelessness, and unemployment. But the fact is, cities around the country utilizing similar programs can point to the the program's cost savings and effecitiveness in their own communities, including:




Other Participating Communities

Amarillo, Texas  |  Anchorage, Alaska  |  Austin, Texas  |  Chicago, Illinois  |  Dallas, Texas  |  Denver, Colorado  |  Honolulu, Hawaii  |  Lexington, Kentucky  |  Moreno Valley, California  |  Ocean Springs, Mississippi  |  Portland, Maine  |  Portland, Oregon  |  Seattle, Washington  |  Spokane, Washington  |  Tulsa, Oklahoma  |  Tucson, Arizona

Want to Help?

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Tulsa’s A Better Way initiative helps give people impacted by mental illness and homelessness an alternative to asking for pocket change on street corners.

This is your opportunity to offer a different kind of change -- the kind that pays people for a day’s work beautifying our city.

Your generosity makes a difference by helping to give people the dignity of work as they connect to life-changing services in our community, such as shelter, housing, mental health and addiction treatment, and other more sustainable employment services.

If you would like to help, visit the Mental Health Association of Oklahoma page today.

Create Real Change