The City of Tulsa’s Storm Shelter Registry provides information to emergency responders to help them locate citizens after a natural disaster. This program will provide emergency personnel with time-saving information should your storm shelter be blocked by debris.

You can register your Safe Room online with your City utility account number.

After registering, feel free to call the Customer Care Center at 311 to request that Tulsa Fire Department personnel visit your home or business and obtain the exact GPS coordinates of your storm shelter.

Only shelters located in the city limits of Tulsa can be registered. Safe Rooms must meet the guidelines in FEMA publication 320 to be considered a Safe Room.

  • Closets are only considered Safe Rooms when they meet the FEMA Publication 320 requirements.
  • Basements must be certified by an engineer before being considered a Safe Room.

Utility Account Login

To register a storm shelter or make changes to a registered shelter please enter your Utility Account number and password.