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Under the new refuse and recycling program, the City of Tulsa provides the following solid waste services:

Dead Animal Removal
Dead animals will be removed from public streets or private property if the animals are placed on the curb for pickup. This service is provided at no extra charge. Please call (918) 596-9777 and provide the exact location and specific direction to the pick-up site. All calls received on the weekends will be serviced on the next working day.

Free Landfill Days
Twice a year, once in the spring and fall, Tulsa residents may use the city's landfill, free of charge. (More information and a map to the Landfill)

Household Pollutants
The latest program offering to Tulsa residents can drop off household pollutants at our year-round collection center. Our staff arranges appointments to accept unused household pollutants. Household pollutants are collected in order to keep them out of the landfill, sewer systems, storm drains, streams and rivers. Learn more...

Illegal Dumping
Dumping trash in the City of Tulsa is illegal. If you have observed an illegal dump site please call (918) 596-9777 to report the problem and share the location. You may also report Illegal Dumping Online

Neighborhood Dumpster Program
The City of Tulsa's Neighborhood Dumpster Program is a service available to registered neighborhood groups to perform neighborhood clean-up activities. Participating groups can make use of 30-yard containers to dispose of eligible household items twice a year.

Dumpsters are for use at residential sites and CANNOT be used for commercial purposes (for example, to clean out rental properties),

Certain items that CANNOT be placed in the dumpsters (such as limbs and other tree debris, grass clippings, Freon bearing appliances, car parts or tires, air conditioners, roofing materials, and whole buildings, sheds or garages). For further disposal options see information below.

DO NOT OVERFILL DUMPSTER! Dumpsters should be no more than three-fourth (3/4) full, so that they are easily transported to the landfill. Items CANNOT be placed on the ground around the dumpster.

Special Service for the Physically Limited
The City of Tulsa offers a special service policy for residents who are unable to place their trash an/or recyclables to the curb on their collection day due to a physical limitation or disability. Under this program, a medically verified disability may request once-a-week, backyard or extended backyard service for the curbside collection rate upon application approval. (Read more for eligibility requirements and to download the Special Services Form)

Tulsa M.e.t. Depot Locations
In addition to your regular trash and recycling services, the City of Tulsa has five area M.e.t. Depot locations where you can dispose of your recycling and E-Waste independently. (Depot Map)


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