Door-to-Door Soliciting

Did you know that by posting a sign on or near your door that states "No Soliciting," "No Solicitors" or "No Trespassing," you can prevent door-to-door salespeople from attempting to sell things at your door?

Also, city ordinances set the hours for door-to-door solicitations. Solicitors can do their jobs between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. only, and only at homes not posted with no-solicitation signs.

Tulsans with concerns about solicitors disregarding curfews or disregarding the no-solicitors signs can call the Tulsa Police Department at (918) 596-9222 to report the problem.

Violators of the ordinance can be sentenced to a fine of up to$1,200 and/or imprisonment for up to six months.

Distribution of Advertising Materials Also Controlled

Tulsa ordinances also restrict the uncontrolled distribution of advertising materials on both private and public property.

Section 1300 of Tulsa's Penal Code (Title 27 of Tulsa's Municipal Ordinances) states:

"The City of Tulsa is committed to protecting the public from the nuisance of the promiscuous distribution of handbills and circulars, with the resulting detriment and danger to public health, safety and welfare."

The ordinance further states that the purpose of the law is: "To protect the people against the health and safety menace and expense incident to the littering of the streets and public places by the promiscuous and uncontrolled distribution of advertising material and commercial and noncommercial handbills."

Property owners can also post their property against the distribution of advertising materials by posting in conspicuous locations signs that say "No Handbills," "No Advertisements" or containing similar language.

The ordinance defines conditions for legal distribution of advertising materials and recognizes citizens' constitutional right to receive and disseminate information. The complete ordinance can be viewed online.

Violators of the ordinance can be fined up to $200 for each day that their actions are found to be in violation of the law.