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Mayor's Economic Recovery Advisory Committee Releases Recommendations

In response to COVID-19, the Mayor’s Economic Recovery Advisory Committee was formed in partnership with the Tulsa Regional Chamber to help spur both short and long-term economic growth in Tulsa. The Committee has released recommendations from each of its three subcommittees that leverage the knowledge and expertise of Tulsa business leaders. 

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U.S. Trade Administration Local Update

The U.S. Trade Administration's global network of trade specialists is working virtually and remain available to connect with U.S. exporters via email, conference call, Skype, or video conference to discuss companies’ international business plans.  If U.S. companies are looking to contact a trade specialist in their area, please have them visit the list of local U.S. Export Assistance Centers.  To learn more about our virtual services, visit Trade.gov/virtual-services. For companies in Eastern Oklahoma please contact: Kevin Chambers at Kevin.Chambers@trade.gov or by phone at 918-240-5734.

Build Your Business - Remotely

Business development is all about seeing the future of the market, understanding customer needs, and developing relationships that carry your business into the future. But how does that happen when the future is murky and developing relationships is hampered by social distancing? We’ve asked several of Tulsa’s best business development experts how their businesses are adapting to current changes, the challenges encountered, and lessons learned to date.

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City, TEDC Launch Zero Interest Loans with Resilience and Recovery Fund

In partnership with Tulsa Economic Development Corporation (TEDC), the City of Tulsa is dedicating $1.1 million in funds for zero interest loans to provide financial assistance to small business owners and entrepreneurs affected by COVID-19.

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City of Tulsa, IC Bus Announce New 20-Year Agreement For Bus Manufacturing Plant

The City of Tulsa, Mayor G.T. Bynum and IC Bus announced that a new 20-year agreement has been reached to keep the IC Bus school bus manufacturing facility at Tulsa International Airport. The new agreement builds on the City’s efforts to grow and expand its economic base of manufacturing operations. Read More

Construction Project Impacts in COVID-19

During this time, many have questioned whether construction projects will be allowed to continue or whether public construction bids will go out on schedule. Still others have voiced that this is the perfect time to conduct even more road projects, as fewer people are traveling daily. We talked to both private and public entities to learn about how construction projects are being conducted under the current conditions and learn about the upcoming forecast for  construction opportunities.

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