Contact Our Economic Development Team

The Mayor’s Office of Economic Development is eager to assist you and your project as you seek to invest in Tulsa. Below is an overview of our team.

Kian KamasChief of Economic Development
kkamas@cityoftulsa.org | (918) 596-7696

Kian is a self-proclaimed Tulsa fanatic who loves helping others see the opportunity the city offers. Her background is in government and public policy, and she has spent the past 5 years convincing businesses and developers to invest in Tulsa and the surrounding region.

Michelle Barnett – Deputy Chief of Economic Development
mbarnett@cityoftulsa.org | (918) 596-7457

Michelle enjoys the opportunity that engaging with Tulsa’s business community provides to see people do their best work.  With over 20 years of experience in operational management and infrastructure development, she helps companies from startups to multi-nationals access resources both inside the city and externally with its many local partners.

Jim Coles – Director of Economic Development
jcoles@cityoftulsa.org | (918) 576-5664

Jim has a passion for innovation with a proven track record in coordinating, planning and implementing public-private partnerships of all sizes. Jim focuses primarily on public assistance to appropriate projects that move Tulsa in a positive direction. He is also the Executive Director for the Tulsa Industrial Authority.

Mike Dickerson – Economist
mdickerson@cityoftulsa.org | (918576-5568

Mike Dickerson is an Oklahoma native with a passion for data. His background ranges from areas such as IT systems design and analytics to property insurance. A lifelong Sandite, he has been with the City of Tulsa for fifteen years.

Alex Nongard – Economic Development Specialist
anongard@cityoftulsa.org | (918576-5402

Alex is a native Tulsan with a passion for smart development and practical, inclusive economic growth. His background in economics and data analytics informs a data-driven approach to decision making.

Spencer Mitchell – Economic Development Specialist
smitchell@cityoftulsa.org | (918576-5561

Spencer has lived in Tulsa for the past 10 years and truly believes it is a world-class city. He is passionate about using research and data analytics to solve difficult problems within the City of Tulsa.

Iesha Youngblood – Senior Administrative Assistant
iyoungblood@cityoftulsa.org | (918596-1883

Iesha has been with the City for 4 years and has worked in Engineering, Real Estate, and now the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development. Each department has been a great learning experience. She is excited about assisting in the new opportunities that the City of Tulsa has for the future.

Lennie Gray - Senior Executive Assistant
lenniegray@cityoftulsa.org | (918) 576-5681

Lennie has been with the City since 2014 and has worked with the City Clerk’s Office, Purchasing, Municipal Courts, Water & Sewer Water Distribution, and now the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development. Lennie brings with her over 30 years’ experience in office support and is looking forward to learning new skills. She feels that “Team Work” is the key to success and is always willing to help if she can.

Yuen Ho – Director of Development Services
yuenho@cityoftulsa.org | (918596-1865

Yuen pours his energy into your development and construction projects to avoid DIYs.

Keri Fothergill – Development Services Liaison
kfothergill@cityoftulsa.org | (918576-5527

Keri is a dedicated civil servant and has served Tulsa residents and businesses since 2001.  Keri has worked for many departments including the Mayor and Council Office, and her current role is to support the many economic initiatives being planned, permitted, and built across this great city. Working with the economic development team has given Keri the opportunity to support the City’s Vision of making Tulsa a globally competitive, world-class city!

Peyton Haralson – Director of Tulsa Parking Authority

pharalson@cityoftulsa.org |

Peyton is the purveyor of all things parking. With the exception of ventures into automobile recycling and railroad logistics, he has been in and around the parking industry for 26 years trying to convince the general population that parking is a good thing! 

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