Environmental Programs

Life in Tulsa definitely is urban - highways, skyscrapers and industrial areas promote economic development. But life in Tulsa also should include a healthy environment with clean air and water, trees, parks, and creeks where fish can live.

The Office of Sustainability is the coordinating office of the City of Tulsa's Environmental efforts. City of Tulsa environmental initiatives, goals and programs in all departments are the focus of that office. The office oversees and coordinates the energy plans submitted by various departments, and administers grant funds related to energy. The office also keeps track of key accomplishments, and maintains a calendar of events related to environmental topics and a resource list of local and national environmental organizations.

The City operates several programs that help to assure a high quality environment in Tulsa. Key among these are:

Refuse - Curbside Recycling:
Tulsa residents can help their environment through recycling either at the curb or at several Metropolitan Environmental Trust locations throughout the city. Tulsa trash now goes to the Covanta Trash to Energy Plant. Recycling reduces the amount of trash Tulsa sends to the burn plant.

City of Tulsa Recycling

The City of Tulsa's Greenwaste site is located at 2100 North 145th E. Ave., is open seven days a week, 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. (excluding City holidays.) Tulsans can drop off yard waste, including tree limbs and leaves or pick up free mulch created from green debris from city parks and green spaces. Free firewood is also available at this site, to those who bring the tools to cut the branches!

City of Tulsa Greenwaste

Stormwater Quality:
Another important part of keeping Tulsa's environment healthy is making sure that water that flows into storm drains is clean. Tulsa's storm drainage system consists of many pipes that drain water from streets to either the Arkansas River or to Bird Creek. Allowing substances such as motor oil, antifreeze, fertilizer, pesticides, or pet waste to wash into storm drains will pollute water that flows to the river or creek. The City of Tulsa provides information on correct disposal of these substances.

City of Tulsa Stormwater Quality

Trap The Grease:
This City of Tulsa program is dedicated to offering education about how grease affects sewer pipes in the Tulsa metropolitan area. In the city of Tulsa, cooking grease is one of the major causes of residential pipeline and City sewer blockages. The spilled sewage eventually reaches Oklahoma streams and rivers, causing unsafe conditions. See the informative pages on this website to learn how you, in a few simple steps, can help prevent costly sewage overflows in your neighborhood.

City of Tulsa Trap The Grease Program

Environmental Programs

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