Resource Recovery


Resource Recovery encompasses a way to approach trash disposal, recognizing there is value in trash. The City of Tulsa makes a commitment to recycle, reuse and protect the environment by offering citizens various collection and disposal alternatives.

Through the Resource Recovery programs, we are providing multiple ways for Tulsans to reduce their impact on the environment, to transform waste into resources and keep our city clean.

More than 80 percent of your household waste is recyclable. Goods are recovered and sold to reycling vendors who will then turn the commodities into new products. By recyling, you help keep your refuse rates down. Learn more...

Some people's trash is another's treasure. In the City of Tulsa, we recover resources from regular old household waste. Even at the waste-to-energy plant, metals are reclaimed from trash before it is burned. The incinerator produces valuable steam energy that helps power a local refinery. Learn more

The latest program offering to Tulsa residents is a collection center for household chemicals. Our staff arranges appointments to accept unused household pollutants. Household pollutants are collected in order to keep them out of the landfill, sewer systems, storm drains, streams and rivers. Learn more...

Green waste is a valuable source of fuel and garden bed covering, and can be used on dirt reclamation sites. If you want your green waste to be recovered and used for a green solution, take it to the City of Tulsa's mulch facility. The City of Tulsa offers a yard waste drop off service free to Tulsa residents. Area citizens also are welcome to pick up free mulch and wood. Learn more...

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