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Route 66 Neon Sign Grant



The City of Tulsa and the Route 66 Commission encourage the installation of exterior signage containing not less than 25 percent neon or alternative LED lighting within the Route 66 Overlay District to stimulate the pedestrian realm and to enhance the tourist experience. As a result, this activity strengthens the concept of economic development from Tulsa’s Comprehensive Plan by enhancing Route 66 alignments throughout the city. The Route 66 Overlay Ordinance 23933 established a zoning district for the enhancement, development and revitalization of Route 66. The promotion of historically or historically inspired signage, specifically neon or LED, will further that goal.

To begin, review the Grant Process document, complete the Grant Application, attach a preliminary drawing, cost estimate and site plan and submit them to one of the contacts below. Once the Review Committee recommends moving forward, you may continue with the Sign Permit process. The remaining steps will follow as per the Grant Process document.

The City of Tulsa Permitting process will be utilized to support the program’s goals through an efficient review and permitting process established through the Route 66 Overlay ordinance to encourage the economic development of Route 66. The Route 66 Commission’s Preservation & Design Committee will facilitate a recommendation to the City of Tulsa for a grant award. The Tulsa Planning Office will assist the Route 66 Commission’s efforts in the overall grant agreement process.

The Planning Office encourages potential applicants to review each of the grant program documents before submitting application materials. Provisions for the grant, requirements and application submission details are included in the following documents.

Route 66 Overlay Ordinance |  Grant Process (in Spanish) |  Grant Application  |  Sign Permit  |  W-9   |  Supplier Registration Form  |  Grant Agreement

Route 66 Overlay Flier  | Downtown Route 66 Alignments and Parcels MapRoute 66 Neon Sign Examples - Get Inspired!

For questions or to submit the application and supporting material, please contact:
Bradley Brown, Planner
Tulsa Planning Office 
(918) 596-7658