City Auditor

Auditor Cathy Criswell

Cathy Criswell, City Auditor

The people elect an auditor to keep an independent watch over city operations and the resources they have provided to the government. Citizens want accountability from the city government that resources are safeguarded and efficiently and effectively applied to the intended purposes. The mission of the City Auditor is to provide accountability of city government.


To achieve this mission, the City Auditor's Office will strive to:

  • Recommend adequate controls and safeguarding of assets
  • Assess compliance with regulations, statutes, ordinances and established practices
  • Assist management in improving operations and reducing risk of loss or waste
  • Review sensitive areas and report irregularities and dereliction of duties


The City Auditor's Office follows the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing issued by the Institute of Internal Auditors in performing audits and managing the Internal Auditing Department. To achieve the goals of our mission, we:

  • Perform internal audits as part of an annual plan including evaluation of internal controls and compliance with regulations, statutes, ordinances, and established practices
  • Perform internal control reviews
  • Review systems development activities
  • Perform special projects
  • Perform control self-assessments
  • Provide consultation services