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About Us

Tulsa Animal Welfare is a division of the City of Tulsa's Department of City Experience. TAW is responsible for the welfare of companion animals in Tulsa, handling over 11,000 animals per year, including stray, surrendered, abused, and neglected animals.

What Does Animal Welfare Do?

Animal Welfare has many responsibilities including:

Tulsa Animal Welfare utilizes a three-pronged approach in accomplishing its mission:

  1. Enforcement of Tulsa's animal ordinances.
  2. Community outreach through education and volunteerism.
  3. Advocacy for animals.


As a government operated shelter Animal Welfare cares for all animals surrendered and provides service to all citizens of the City of Tulsa in accordance with the state law and City ordinances. These services include: strays, animals requiring quarantine, animals that need to be held until a court hearing has determined their disposition, and animals surrendered to the police upon the owner's arrest ('police assist' calls).

As a community courtesy to citizens in the area, Animal Welfare also accepts any animal surrendered by an owner who is no longer willing or able to care for their pet.

Animal Welfare has many responsibilities including:

Core Objectives

In order to for protect, promote, and enhance a positive quality of life in the City of Tulsa our core objectives are to:

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