About Us

The Development Services Division of the Planning & Development Department is headquartered at City Hall. All of its inspection, review, permitting and licensing services may be accessed there. Services accessible at the center include:

  • Organizing and participating in development teams for large-scale construction projects.
  • Reviewing proposed developments for compliance with regulations.
  • Reviewing building plans for compliance with applicable building, zoning, and sign codes.
  • Reviewing, sewer, water and other connections to the municipal utility infrastructure.
  • Assigning house numbers.
  • Registering 43 types of contractor state licenses.
  • Issuing 25 different types of construction permits, including building, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and zoning clearance permits.
  • Reviewing plans and specifications on request for electrical, mechanical, and plumbing layouts and signs.

Licenses and Permits for Development, Construction and Remodeling:

City government is charged with oversight of the development of land and with ensuring that when homes, business, factories or other facilities are built in Tulsa, they comply with national, state and local codes that were written to protect the public's health and safety. The Development Services Division of the Planning & Development Department is responsible for many of the activities related to that oversight.

  • Reviews development and building plans.
  • Approves how new facilities are tied into existing infrastructures for water, sewer, stormwater management and others.
  • Issues permits for building or remodeling homes, businesses and other structures.
  • Issues electrical, mechanical, plumbing and other permits.
  • Registers trade licenses for a variety of trades workers engaged in construction in the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and related fields.
  • Inspects construction to ensure projects meet applicable code.


You may schedule or cancel inspections, check inspection results, or check account balances 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Additional information on scheduling inspections is available in the Inspection Request Line brochure.


On January 1, 2016, the City of Tulsa implemented a new Zoning Code. It is the first major overhaul of Tulsa zoning regulations since the 1970's. An online copy of the Zoning Code is available from INCOG.