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(Model codes are available from the promulgating code agencies.)

Code,* Agency,  Phone

 *Complete International Code books are available online or may be purchased from the International Code Council or local Tulsa bookstores.  Copies may be viewed at the City Clerk's Office or the Tulsa City-County Central Library.


(Code, Title, Related Ordinance)

International Building Code
Title 51 

International Existing Building CodeTitle 51, Chapter 4

International Residential Code (One and Two Story Dwellings), Title 51, Chapter 2

International Residential Code (Manufactured Homes, Mobile Homes, Modular Structures, Recreational Vehicles, Mobile Home Parks), Title 51, Chapter 3

International Residential Code (Pools), Title 51, Chapter 5

International Building Code, Self Certification Program, Title 51, Chapter 6

International Building Code, Third-Party Review and Inspection Program, Title 51, Chapter 7

International Fire Code, Title 14

International Mechanical & Fuel Gas CodesTitle 59 

International Plumbing Code, Title 56

National Electrical Code, Title 52

Administrative Permit and License Fees Title 49, Ordinance #24664 (August 25, 2021)

Infrastructure Development, Title 35

Sign Permit, Title 51 and Zoning Code

Right of Way Permit, Title 11

Watershed Permit, Title 11A

Sanitary Sewer Improvement, District, Title 11C

Water Main Extension, Gift Lines, Title 11C