Economic Development

Chief of Economic Development: Kian Kamas

Mission Statement: To work proactively to promote, encourage and facilitate the development of responsible and properly planned business growth within the community in order to expand and strengthen the local economy and to diversify the community’s tax base.

Overview of Services
The Mayor’s Office of Economic Development was created in March 2014 to prioritize economic development.

Services include management of Brownfields Program grant funds to assist in redevelopment of brownfield sites, retail marketing, impact analysis for economic development incentive applications, and staffing for the Economic Development Commission.

Historically, this Department contracts with Tulsa Regional Chamber to provide coordination of economic development (Tulsa Future) and tourist (VisitTulsa) efforts. Additionally, the department provides staffing, street sweeping and maintenance services to the Stadium Improvement District Trust within the Inner Dispersal Loop (IDL).

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