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Project Bid Synopsis

January 8, 2021

148170 C4 & TMUA-W 19-10 Part 2 & ES 2019-14 Riverwest Phase III & IV Neighborhoods Initiative

January 15, 2021

144642, SWD 10507, TMUA-W 14-35 Non-Art St. Main and Waterline Replacement MZ 6142 East 23rd St. from S. 129th E. Ave. to S. 133rd E. Ave., S. 130th E. Ave., S. 131st  E. Ave., S. 132nd E. Ave. and S. 133ed E. Ave.

ES 2015-17, C2 Southside Waste Water Peak Flow Optimization: Third River Crossing and Diversion Facilities

TMUA-W 18-14 Citywide 2" Waterline Replacement in the Vicinity of West Edison St. and N. 65th W. Ave.

January 29, 2021

SP 19-1 Reed Park Pool and Water Playground Reconstruction

SP 19-13 Roof Replacement-Airforce Plant 3-Building 6

February 12, 2021

144101, TMUA-W 14-82 and MS-635 Art. St. Widening-S. Yale Ave. from E. 81st St. S. to E. 91st St. S.

RMUA WPC 21-2 BAMA No. 2154140 Haikey Creek Operation and Maintenance Capital Equipment

February 19, 2021

TMUA-W ES 2012-03 C2 71st St. Dewatering Facility Digested Sludge Storage Tank Repair

February 26, 2021

144200, TMUA-W 15-04, SWD 10669 Construction Plans for Art St. Rehab and waterline Replacement for 36th St. N. from Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd to Peoria

MS 21-001 Citywide Arterial Microsurfacing

March 5, 2021

RMUA ES 2019-13 BAMA No. HC1801 Haikey Creek Waste Water Treatment Plant Flow Equalization Basin West

173120 T.O. 21 FEMA Flood Damage Projects 115010, 116205, 117880, 126335

March 12, 2021

173120-2 71st and Memorial Storm Sewer Improvements

TMUA-W 16-02 TO-5 and TO-6 City of Tulsa Storage Building and Parking Facility South Jackson Ave. and W. 25th St.

March 19, 2021

WPC 21-3 FY'21 Northslope Capital equipment Replacements

2021-2022 Citywide Infrastructure Rehabilitation and Improvements

March 26, 2021

WPC 21-1 FY'21 Water Pollution Control Equipment Replacements

WPC 21-4 FY'21 Southslope Capital Equipment Replacements

April 09, 2021

CSM 21-003 Non-Art. St. Main. N. Madison Ave. from Pine St. to E. Ute St.

2021-MPO C2 Non-Art Mill Patch and Overlay Citywide

ES 2015-02 Ph. 2 Southeast Basin West Leg Interceptor Ph. 2

SW 2019-01-07 Stormwater Pond Rehabilitation Minshall Park Detention Pond

144208 TMUA-W 14-45 Art. St. Rehab. E. 11th St. and Waterline Replacement-S. Sheridan Rd. to S. Memorial Dr.

April 16, 2021

SP 18-03 Roof Replacement at Southside Secondary Pump Station

April 23, 2021

144017-P and TMUA-W 17-24 Art St. Rehab S. Mingo Rd between Admiral Pl. and E. 11th St. S.

CSM 21-004 Non-Art Concrete St. Main. S. 121st E. Ave. from 31st St. to 26th St.

2021-MPO C3 Non-Art Mill Patch and Overlay Citywide

May 07, 2021

CSM 21-002 Arterial Concrete Street Maintenance Harvard Avenue: 36th Street to Apache and Apache to Pine

2021-MPO Contract 4 Arterial Mill, Patch and Overlay Citywide