Transportation Advisory Board


Established in 2009, the Transportation Advisory Board has been commissioned to advise the Mayor and City Council on all matters affecting land transportation in Tulsa including, but not limited to, streets and rights-of-way maintenance and construction, traffic engineering, mass transit, rail and trail systems.

2015 Annual Recommendations Report

The Transportation Advisory Board meets on the first Tuesday of every month, at City Hall, 175 East 2nd Street, Suite 411, 1 p.m.

Board Members

John Shivel (Chair) (TMAPC) | Term expires: 6/30/17
Paul Westbrook (Vice-Chair) (District 2) | Term expires 6/30/18
Jeanine Rhea (District 1) | Term expires 6/30/18
Councilor David Patrick (District 3)
Josh Westerman (District 4) | Term expires 6/30/18
Greg Gatewood (District 5) | Term expires 6/30/18
Charlotte Frazier (District 6) | Term expires 6/30/18
Councilor Anna America (District 7)
Councilor Phil Lakin (District 8)
Daniel Keating (District 9) | Term expires 6/30/16
Dwain Midget (Mayor Representative)
Jeffrey A. Thomas (Construction) | Term expires 6/30/18
Debbie Ruggles (MTTA) | Term expires 6/30/17
Carrie Johnson, P.E. (Engineering) | Term expires 6/30/19
Vacant (TMUA)